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Running a New School in the Age of COVID

by Heather McManus, Ed.D, Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund

Much of the media coverage on school closures during COVID-19 centers on the needs of larger districts and charter management organizations. But not all schools are part of big networks, nor are they all long-established institutions. Many are brand new or just about to open, like the ones NewSchools funds and supports. They are managing the transition to distance learning differently than larger districts. Just as the schools in our portfolio have cutting-edge models that we hope inform education more broadly, their response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be equally instructive to education leaders.

Some of our schools’ most critical areas of need during the first few weeks of the move to distance learning were:

It is clear to us that in addition to frontline health workers and essential business employees, our schools and their staff are at the heart of the challenges of the pandemic. We hope others see that quality schools are not just places for learning, but community-based resource centers that holistically support entire families. In addition to making sure students learn and have their immediate needs met, schools will also need to turn their attention to the long-term mental health of the community. As death and grief continue to increase, access to mental health and crisis support counseling for staff, students, and families will be necessary. Now more than ever, philanthropy should support community-based schools and nonprofits that are doing the work of standing in the gap for students and families.

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