Fetching from a Server

There is a common question among developers when the are building a new web app. Where should we fetch our data from? If we are calling an external API do we pull data on the backend or front-end. To…


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Being Bride to Christ

The bride of christ in similarities to the requirements of the godly bride in the bible

A beautiful and profound metaphor found in the Bible: the Bride of Christ. Throughout Scripture, this imagery is used to describe the intimate relationship between Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and His Church. As believers, we are called to embrace this identity and embody the attributes of a bride as outlined in the Word of God. This article would like to draw similarities in the requirement and instructions given to a godly christian wife on earth and your identity with christ as the bride to the groom.

A bride submits herself to the leadership of her groom. Submission to Christ is an essential aspect of the Christian faith, reflecting our acknowledgment of His lordship and our willingness to surrender our lives to His authority. It encompasses various facets of our relationship with Him and has profound implications for how we live our lives as His disciples and this context to the metaphor of as a bride of Christ.

2. Surrendering Control: Submission to Christ involves relinquishing control over our lives and allowing Him to be the ultimate authority. just as the word requires brides to submit to their husbands. It also means acknowledging that His plans and purposes are superior to our own and trusting Him even when we don’t fully understand His ways. This surrender requires humility, acknowledging that we are dependent on Him for guidance, strength, and provision.

3. Remaining Faithful: True submission to Christ involves remaining faithful to Him in all circumstances, not seeking other idols in life to replace him. An unfaithful wife in the bible commits the deed of adultery which is listen in the primary laws of the 10 commandments.

4. Requirement of a bride to cultivate meaningful intimate relationship with the groom: cultivate a vibrant and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Through prayer, studying His Word, and engaging in worship, we draw closer to Him, seeking to know Him more intimately and experience the depths of His love and grace.

In conclusion, let us embrace our identity as the Bride of Christ. Let us love Him with all our hearts, eagerly anticipate His return, submit to His leadership, seek intimacy with Him, and remain faithful to Him.

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