No Outside Food Allowed!

In the following article, Vineet Bhalla comments on the recent PIL filed in the Bombay High Court, against the cinema halls’ right to bar customers from bringing outside food into the premises…


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Richard Hamilton Collage

We were given the task of re-making a collage created by Richard Hamilton which gave a view of what the modern lifestyle was like when this collage was made.

I decided to base my Collage around Mental health and isolation as these are both prevalent issues at the heart of our society today. I tried to apple a grungy tone to depict the thoughts and images surrounding the issues of depression anxiety and isolation.

Through-out the collage there is a lack of natural life, no windows, no natural light, no man made light sources and no exit, this is an attempt to depict the isolation that issues in mental health bring about.

I decided to include a Spotify music playlist titled ‘Driving’ on the television to create a further sense on isolation due to the fact the person has thoughts about getting away, but in reality has to stand and ponder why they would even leave the comfort of their ‘panic room’.

Fast food was included due to the reality of having food delivered straight to your door and having to have little to no activity with the outside world.

A grungey overlay and colour correction were applied to the Collage after coming to the conclusion that these heavily represented the thoughts and images going through many a persons head. The cloudy affect represents that of clouded vision.

I struggled with this task as i feel that i could not clearly display the image with meaning and have therefore replied mainly on my description of the Collage rather than the Collage itself. Instead of the image speaking for itself, i have had to speak for the image.

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