Areas I Struggle With Most When Practicing the Piano

Welcome back. The statement “things aren’t roses and sunshine around here” is only a small representation of what really goes on during my practice sessions. As musicians, we all have areas in our…


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The Art of Right Thinking

I find myself consistently running commentaries in my head
Criticising and picking apart things I’ve done and said
Fretting about a future that holds so much together
I fail to take life one day after another
I go over events asking myself big questions
What did that mean and why did this happen
A single unpleasant experience sometimes makes me despondent
Conversations with the self, head off on a different tangent
Somehow then, it gets easier to recall times that I felt worse
Life starts seeming less of a blessing and so much of a curse
I find myself endlessly deliberating
And it hinders the process of decent decision making
Attempting to read minds, predicting the future dissecting the smallest of details
I often fail to enjoy the journey, wondering what the destination entails
I have this invisible jury sitting in judgement of my life
Ruining what could’ve been a beautiful story otherwise
What ifs and what shoulds never leave the mind idle
I often over think myself into vicious downward spirals
But I happened to realise off late, chronic worrying is a habit that I can break
I started training my mind to look at life from a different perspective
And rephrasing issues to reflect outcomes that are a lot more constructive
I started to have a grip on self-talk
Putting to use the inner voice, that otherwise becomes a never-ending monologue
I started to have different interpretations to situations
Putting to rest my doubts, fears and expectations
I sometimes try reconnecting with the immediate world outside
And that helps me distance from the ceaseless chatter of the mind
Its tough to change a destructive thought pattern
But it gets easier when one learns to unlearn
Unlearn ways of developing self-limiting beliefs
Unlearn techniques that cultivate negativity, panic and grief
I strive to learn the art of forgiving and letting go
Throwing anger, hurt and ill will out the window
In the process of trying to see each day as a new opportunity
I realize that life is not something that happens to me but for me
I've now come to realise , that nobody else can control my reality
It is I, who gets to decide if my life’s gonna be a joy ride or a tragedy
Good or bad, we all tell ourselves stories that have a lasting impact
The question is, does your story empower you or hold you back?
I’ve begun choosing for myself, stories that help me grow and be the person I want to be
Stories that make me believe, its just this way, and no other way that my life was meant to be.

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